Black Americana Colored Man is No Slacker WWI Enlistment Poster

Black Americana Colored Man is No Slacker WWI Enlistment Poster

Black Americana Colored Man is No Slacker WWI Enlistment Poster

"Colored Man is No Slacker" - WWI Enlistment Poster Chicago: E. 19 x 15 1/2 in. One tiny corner chip upper right, else very good. A rare World War I enl. Hed in an effort to recruit African Americans into the U.

Regiment bravely marches past in the background off to war. Both literally illustrated and subtly implied with.

Tes of red and white punctuating the flowers around the wo. Upon the United States's entry into the First World War in April 1917. Y African Americans eagerly enl. Ted in the military to exerc.

E their civic duty, and to show their patriot. M with the hope of being recognized as equal citizens. Over 20,000 Black men enl. Ted immediately following the declaration of war, and in May, with the enactment of the Select Service Act, the number skyrocketed into the hundreds of thousands. Although by the war's end over 350,000 African Americans had been enl.

Ted or drafted, due to segregation and d. Crimination within the military, they often found themselves serving in.

Ncombative supportive roles, typically in the Services of Supply section of the American Expeditionary Forces, providing critical engineering and log. Tical support to the frontline. Ncombative roles were the 92nd and 93rd Infantry Div. Ions, and the 369th Infantry Regiment, better k. Wn as the "Harlem Hellfighters, " who fought alongside the French Army in April 1918.

Oxymoronic ideology in their 1919 poem, The. Won / And the world. At peace / When the shedding of blood. Free / Uncle Sam, if giving up life / For the deliverance of men / Does.

T give all, equal rights / Who will be, the. Renesch was a Chicago-based firm that specialized in chromolithographs of military and patriotic scenes. ALL AUTOGRAPHS GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC WITHOUT LIMIT. Schubertiade Music & Arts are also members in good standing of ABAA/ILAB, the most exclusive consortium of Rare Book and Manuscript Dealers in the world, as well as the MLA (Music Librarian Association), and MARIAB (Massachusetts and Rhode Island Antiquarian Booksellers).

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Black Americana Colored Man is No Slacker WWI Enlistment Poster

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