Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)

Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)
Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)
Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)
Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)

Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)

African-American Soldier's Handwriten Mexican Border Jorunal. Diary of a Crute Bugler in the Army.

Kept by Lance Corporal Edward C. Camp Furlong, New Mexico 1919. Other well-written, self-illustrated journals from Buffalo Soldiers protecting the Mexican Border simply do not exist.

The diary measures approximately 4 x 5.5. 140 unnumbered pages, including Price's humorous "dictionary" of army slang. Original art frontispiece and six-in-text hand-drawn illustrations. Five additional drawings and a YMCA envelope postmarked Columbus, New Mexico with a Camp Furlong return address. The worn, soiled, and faded front cover has been neatly reattached. The journal was kept by an African-American "crute" bugler, Lance Corporal Edward C. Price, assigned to one of the famous Buffalo Soldier units of the U. Army - the 24th Infantry Regiment - at the tail-end of the hostilities along the Mexican border. Entries are from August to November 1919. Below are a few random sample passages (I have added some missing punctuation). Awakened by bugler blowing first call. Dressed and was ordered in line by big black sergeant who has twenty-two years in the service.

Had breakfast which consisted of the following: rice garnished with cactus thorns, gravy mixed with lumps of flour as large as dice. Coffee with sand instead of sugar, bread filled with bugs. Was hungry and ate everything with relish and got seconds. Everything is sand and mesquite bushes, cacti and adobe huts.

The sun shines sixteen hours a day and no rain. Jack rabbits, quail, grouse, road runners, rattlesnakes, fer de lances, horned toads, scorpions and Gila monsters. Sergeants, corporals, lance corporals and Lieutenants are also classed with the lowest of the animal class.

The town is a pretty place with everything adobe and frame building and nearly every building is full of bullet holes where Villa raided town in 1916. A lamp post looks like a sieve where the 13th Cav.

Met a gang of Mexican girls and was introduced as senor Edourdo C. I already know a few words of Espanol, and learned me a few more. Visited the Green top house where Villa's raiders killed fifteen people including two women. Found three bullets to fit Mauser rifle and broken knife blade went in room where women were killed and slept until suppertime.

Learned how to skip drills by putting on fatigue clothes and going up town on water wagon. Met a pretty Mexican girl by the name Juanita Reyes. She said she would teach me Spanish. She calls me her poquito negro soledad. I don't know what that means.

Walked six miles, came back, and was issued a pistol belt, bolo knife and other junk. When charges were brought I was sentenced to the "black hole" or solitary confinement. Have a beautiful place here. It is cool and nice here.

[there are many humorous entries about his time in the guard house]. Was released this morning and sent to company under guard.

Met some New York rookies who saw G. On my nice new denims, which meant General Prisoner. One asked me what G.

Meant and I told him I was General Price. He asked why I had a guard with me and I told him it was an honor, and that I was going to present him with the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery. Had fight with Troy Rose got a nice beating. I would like to fight him in a duel at fifty yards with pistols, or meet him with swords. Can ask for things and curse. I can beat the world. Asked her to a ball game and she said, "yes" so I blowed a ten dollar canteen check book on her and I bet she has eaten enough to last a week. I went to her house this evening and she met me at the door.

I spoke in my very best Espanol. " And she said, "Muy Buenas. And I said the same as she said (nearly) and we talked in English until ten o'clock. Then I began to realize how slow things were and began speaking in Espanol by saying, "Senorita, yo amor usted muy mucho, " which means I love you very much. She said, Senor Edourdo usted est muy loco.

And when I didn't get her drift, I asked her to say again as I didn't catch'um loco. I was late for taps. Was sent to Carlsbad to bring back prisoners.

Eight guards escorted sixteen prisoners. A Mexicans from Villa's detachment. I wish one would run so I could knock him off. I hate Mexican men and love their women.

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Buffalo Soldier's Handwritten Diary (Mexican border journal 1919)

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