1862 Rare National Freedmans Relief Association Ny Broadside Letter Officer List

1862 Rare National Freedmans Relief Association Ny Broadside Letter Officer List
1862 Rare National Freedmans Relief Association Ny Broadside Letter Officer List

1862 Rare National Freedmans Relief Association Ny Broadside Letter Officer List
1862 RARE NATIONAL FREEDMANS RELIEF ASSOCIATION NY BROADSIDE LETTER OFFICER LIST. Scarce piece of Civil War era New York history folded pamphlet or broadside list of officers names of THE NATIONAL FREEDMAN'S RELIEF ASSOCIATION 5X8, unopened S.

New York, July 26, 1862. A joke dont you get it? If you meet my sweetie. You are now, I believe, in the. What kind of place is it!!

If I spoke English, I would say that you were very. (that is heilig [holy in German]); but I dont speak English, so I. Cant say it after all. Theres no one in the city all the girls are gone, although I saw the beautiful virgin.

Yesterday she smiled and greeted me sweetly, angelically. So I must pay her a visit. I can also visit Miss Par. Ker; although after the days work I dont like to go out. As usual, I can hear you say, scoffer!

You are now, I presume, very happily picnicking (dont laugh I found the word in a dictionary), visiting and dancing (a thousand times more fun in the country than in the city) sailing and rowing over the dusky sea, or better yet, taking walks in the moonlight ah, how enthralling! Besides, they are all Quakers and hate music, dancing, and cards.

My time would be eaten up visiting a hundred relatives. I would have no free time to visit your merry gang. But when are you going there? I would like to pay you a brief visit at your island home.

Farewell, till we meet again. The National Freedmans Relief Association, New York. On February 22, 1862 the National Freedman's Relief Association. New York, originated at a meeting held in the hall of the Cooper Institute, in response to an appeal from Gen. Sherman and Commodore Dupont, representing in a general order, dated the 6th of that month, the helpless condition of the blacks within the vast area occupied by the forces under their command, and calling upon the benevolent and philanthropic of the land for aid. The President would be Francis George Shaw, Corresponding Secretary Rev. Frothingham, Recording Secretary George Cabot Ward, Treasurer Joseph B. Collins, the Executive Committee consisted of C. Fox and William Geo Hawkins. The advisory committee was S.

Missionary for an article on. Port Royal and the beginning of the NFRA. The founding committee was appointed to organize an Association, to make a special appeal to the public, to appoint suitable teachers to instruct the Freedmen in industrial and mechanical arts, in the rudiments of education, the principles of Christianity, their accountability to the laws of God and man, their relation to each other as social beings, and all that might be necessary to render them competent to sustain themselves as members of a civilized society. At this meeting William Cullen Bryant proposed that the ex-slaves be known as freedmen as opposed to contrabands.

See more information on the meeting. In November 1863 the National Freedmen's Association would send by the steamer. The following teachers: Miss A. Fowler, Miss Kate Foote, Miss M.

Officers in the First Annual Report. (see broadsides below for some confusion) President, S. EDGAR KETCHUM, 83 Nassau Street. GEORGE CABOT WARD, 56 Wall Street. LEIGH, 49 Fourth Street, and 400 Broadway.

FRANCIS GEORGE SHAW, 111 Broadway. WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER, 111 Broadway. Foreign Committee, CHARLES GOULD, 2 Hanover Street. MANSFIELD FRENCH, 5 Beck man Street. FROTHINGHAM, Chairman, 112 West Thirty-fourth Street.

GEORGE WHIPPLE, Secretary, 61 John Street. LINDSAY, 191 West Eighteenth Street. SLOANE, 208 West Twenty-second Street. SMITH, 34 East Twenty-fifth Street. Secretary, 144 East Seventeenth Street. Secretary, 5 East Twenty-sixth Street. ALLEN BUTLER, Treasurer, 13 East Twelfth. LEIGH, No, 400 Broadway, New York, Depot for the Reception of Commodities. JOHN DUDLEY, New Haven, Conn. HAYNE3, 400 Broadway, New York, REV. ARTICLE FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES. The National Freedman's Relief Association. This Association is doing a noble and much needed work at present by forwarding to the freedmen throughout the South large and valuable consignments of tools and agricultural implements, as well as considerable quantities of provisions and clothing. They are also furnishing teachers for the numerous schools throughout the South. These figures, however, do not at all cover the st??? The Executive Committee have received an urgent appeal from Wilmington, asking that more goods and implements be sent to that section of the country. HORACE JAMES, Assistant Quartermaster and Superintendent, says.

We do not propose to collect these thousands of refugees into the town, nor put them into camps, but settle them on some fine, large, abandoned plantations of corn and rice, lying near the river, in the vicinity of Fort Anderson, some eight or ten miles down from Wilmington, on the west bank of the Cape Fear River. But the rice season is upon us; some have already planted, though it will do to put in this crop as late as June 10. We want now quantities of axes, heavy hilling hoes, the narrow hoe to make trenches for the rice in the top of the prepared ridges, good strong spades, and hammers and nails for cabin building, a few plows for the corn land, and a few fro???

S with which to rive out boards; also some butt hinges for doors and windows. We must set these people at work on these rich and ample plantations immediately. It will not do to lose this season. Blankets, shoes and clothing are also needed for the people from the country, who are very destitute indeed, though the colored people in town seem pretty well clothed. We intend to issue tools, etc. To these people, charging them at cost price, they to pay the same after their crop is made, but, if unsuccessful, not to be collected, of course. Our first and crying necessity is tools and supplies. Wilmington is perfectly denuded of such things, and the government has none on hand. We are to have a good storehouse on the wharf, and all needful office room. We have magnificent quarters for teachers, and a good beginning made. In corroboration of these statements, we find a letter from Brig. HAWLEY, who is in command at Wilmington, in which he says. I wish that you would appeal to the benevolent and liberal people of the North, who have already done so much. We need clothing for destitute whites and blacks. In endeavoring to put the freed population upon the large plantations on the Cape Fear River, we are greatly embarrassed by the want of axes, shovels, hoes (heavy and light), hammers, saws, nails, and a few plows. I think that if you estimate for the wants of fifteen thousand laboring people, you will not get; more than can be judiciously used. As an evidence of the vast field of operations now held by this association, it is only necessary to state that along the coast of South Carolina there are 30 teachers, matrons, and distributors of goods; in Florida, 14; in the City of Charleston, 83 teachers.

In North Carolina, 15; Virginia, 17; District of Columbia, 10; Mississippi Valley, 20. The work of providing employment for the freedmen of the South is being entered into by the association, with the enterprise necessary for its successful progress. The public schools in Charleston, S.

The average attendance each day, in seven schools, was on the 31st March, 3,114. Out of the 83 teachers employed, 74 were inhabitants of the city before its evacuation. The following is the Board of Officers: FRANCIS GEO. Estes, Secretary of Executive Committee; Rev. Woolsey, Secretary of Finance Committee. To those wishing to contribute to the funds of this society, we would say that cash may be sent to JOSEPH B. 40 Wall-street, New-York; and that all packages must be directed "National Freedmen's Relief Association, " No. A most welcome addition to a collection. SEE SCANS FOR CONDITION DETAILS. ALWAYS ASK BECAUSE WE MAY. WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!! NOTE OUR IMAGES ARE WATERMARKED. We are very understanding and are willing to be somewhat flexible. We are honorable sellers and have to say that the vast majority of our dealings are with honorable buyers! Get Images that Make Supersized Seem Small.

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1862 Rare National Freedmans Relief Association Ny Broadside Letter Officer List

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